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South Africa
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Hi Guys,
Welcome to my profile.
I am the Owner and Creator of Teen Zone.
Please feel welcome to chat to me about any Ideas and suggestions you have, or just chat to me about anything.
I really hope you will enjoy your stay on Teen Zone very much.
Have a blast
and be Blessed.

PS: It is not my real bday. The system is setup not to alow any one older than 18. But it feels great to be 18 again :)
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roelfk7 wrote
Happy Valentines everyone, love you all.
From the Teenzone Team
10.02.2019 3 likes 1 comments 1 comments
roelfk7 added a photo
31.12.2018 4 likes 0 comments 0 comments
roelfk7 wrote
Hi Guys, Happy New Year 2019. Thank you for all your support through 2018. May you have an awesome and great 2019 full of blessing.
The Tz Team
31.12.2018 5 likes 0 comments 0 comments
roelfk7 wrote
Merry Christmas everyone from the Tz team. love you all!!
22.12.2018 3 likes 0 comments 0 comments
roelfk7 added a photo
22.12.2018 2 likes 0 comments 0 comments
roelfk7 commented on a profile

Hi Megan welcome to Tz. may you have lots and lots of fun hete. You are welcome to ask me or one of the mods for any help if you need any

02.12.2018 2 likes 0 comments 0 comments
roelfk7 wrote
Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends, Tz team
23.11.2018 0 likes 0 comments 0 comments
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