About Us

About Us  About TEEN ZONE

Was created with the sole purpose to create a safe managed environment for our young people, our Teenagers.

The website users is limited to be between the ages of 12 to 18 years, with exception to the members (moderators) and myself who manages the contents of this network. 

This social network is based on High Christian principles and moral values, though it is not necessarily religion based. Any teenagers is welcome as long as they adhere to our simple rules and moderators.

Because our staff members and myself is Christians and truly belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We will give teenagers asking for it Free advise on our Faith, Jesus Christ, The Bible and demons etc. Our staff members and myself are trained in counseling specifically to help teenagers deal with  issues.

But creating a safe zone for our young people is extremely important. I have visited in my research to creating this network similar other teen social networks and was choked to see what is on these networks. I have also done some research on social networks and teenagers and would like to share of the info here with you. Although there is so much more.

 Here are some links to info:


  1. The Dark Side of Social Media: Privacy Concerns
  2. True Facts About Teens and Media, Now & Then

  3. Teens, Social Media and Privacy #infographic


Now as a parent or responsible adult, don't you think its is time to give your children the chance to enjoy the social network as well but without the fear of human trafficking, porn, stalkers, serial killers, rapist, devil worshipers,  cyber bullying, and so so much more.

Give them the freedom where you don't play a cop the whole day over them but you know that they are in a safe place you can trust. 

If you find for any reason that this is not worth it, they can resign at any stage. 

Remember we are only in the beginning stages of this network and we need you Input so much to make it a success.

Although we are taking every precaution to ensure your child's safety on our network.we will not be held legally responsible if any matter occurs. We would like to ask you to report such a incident immediately to one of our moderators or myself or use our feedback option, or send an email to abuse@teenzone.xyz


To all our young peole (Teenagers) joining our network. Have a blast!! We are here to keep you SAFE!!

Yours Truly

Roelf Keulder

Roelf Keulder

Bully FREE zone          Hi Guys Here's the Rules.

  1. Keep the forums clean. No Swearing, No Abusive Language. This is a no Bully zone.
  2. No adult content, porn or any talking about any sexual nature. 
  3. No hate speech against any religious belief or race.
  4. Be kind and understanding to all.
  5. OK you guys get it. Plane and simple keep it nice. 

If there is any other rules you think I should add, give me a shout, my username is Roelfk7. or tell it to the forum moderator.

Legal action can and will be taken against individual who abuse the system and refuse to keep to these simple rules. Users will also be blocked and deleted